Your Guide to Online Casinos and Real Money Slots

Compared to many years ago, slot machines are now easier than ever to play. Rather than having to walk down to the local pub or sports club, all we need is a device and an internet connection to get started. Luckily, they also have plenty to offer whether we want to practice or play for money.

At SlotManiak, we aim to bring all the fun of slots right to your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or wherever you may be. Whether you want free slots or real money slots (with free bonuses), you'll find everything with us including;

* 3-reel slots

* 5-reel slots

* 243 pay lines (with bonus round)

* Entertaining animations

* Progressive pooled jackpots

* Fun experience for all

Just as you would in a casino, the real money online slots allow you to win cash. However, this cash comes with no travelling and no need to leave the comfort, warmth, and safety of your home.

How Do Real Money Slots Work?

At the risk of sounding incredibly simple, online slots work in exactly the same way as live casino slots (except the fact that they're digital!). For example, you start by choosing a casino and registering. After depositing some money to your account, you're ready to go. Depending on how much you deposit, this will decide the number of credits available. When choosing a casino, consider the extras because many offer a bonus with deposits.

Before choosing a game, familiarise yourself with how it works and what you need to do to win. Also, use your mouse to select your desired betting options (these should appear in the middle of the gaming screen) before reel spins. How much do you want to bet? This is completely up to you and something you can consider before spinning (we recommend starting small while getting to know a game!).

Once you're finished, just leave the game and any winnings you earned during the game will go into your player account. You could withdraw this money, or you could leave it in the account and come back for some more fun on another day, the choice is yours. Fortunately, withdrawing from online platforms these days is easy because they offer things like wire transfers.

Real Money Slots on Your Mobile

Today, mobiles are everywhere, and this is great news for your online slots experience. As long as the operating system is Android or iOS, you'll be ready to get started. As time goes on, more and more casinos are starting to add iPad, iPhone, Android, and MacOSX games. Suddenly, you can play slots while sitting in the dentist waiting room or cooking dinner.

Difference Between Online Slots and Live Casinos

At this point, we should note that the options available to you will depend on the casino's software. In most cases, you'll have an opportunity to either download to your computer or play in the browser. As time goes on, the options are expanding for all players. As we've just seen, mobile slot capabilities are improving, and new software is also available with MacOSX.

In the past, the mobile experience would be clunky, slow, and not that enjoyable. Now, the visuals are excellent, the animations are smooth, and the whole experience is fun. In fact, it's so easy to get lost that you start to feel as though you're in a real casino.

In the UK, we now have more real money slots online than we ever thought possible. With mobile slots, downloadable slots, and even flash slots, we can play anytime and anywhere. Players also love the bonus slots; as the name suggests, these offer bonus rounds and free spins to really make each session worthwhile. With the progressive jackpots, this also means the jackpot continues to grow over a period of time and players have a chance to win life-changing amounts of money.

What about themes and games? Well, some websites will stick to one game while others go all out and offer several themes. While choosing a game, players need to consider whether it offers single- or multi-line slots.

* Single-Line Slots - In this type, the player places a single bet on a combination of symbols in the hopes that the slots match.

* Multi-Line Slots - Alternatively, this option allows betting on a number of different lines and improves one's winnings. In recent times, we've seen the new 243 lines option gain in popularity.

Finding the Best Slot Offers and Bonuses

As well as the fun that can be had playing slots, we all want to win, right? With many casinos, they offer a bonus when signing up which can make winning even easier. As soon as you log in, you get your first win (hopefully the first of many!). When choosing a casino, we highly recommend considering bonuses because this can make your experience even more enjoyable than without.

Ultimately, they all differ in what they offer so research carefully. While some offer seasonal bonuses, others do it on a whim; there's no strict calendar. As long as you keep looking, you'll have no trouble finding the special offers.

For many casinos, they like to reward returning customers with High Roller Slot Bonuses. Depending on how much and how often you deposit into your account, you'll earn a percentage as a bonus.

Furthermore, most casinos want to spread the message of their brilliant service so they will reward players for referring their friends. Before referring anybody, make sure you read the rules of how it all works; the last thing you want is to refer a friend and not get the bonus. Follow the instructions and you should be just fine.

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