Warlords Slot

Warlords Slot
2.3 / 5 Out of 3 rates

Warlords Slot Game Review

The moment the sound of the battle horn is heard across is signifies that time has reached for you to go to war for the final clash of the warlords. Packed with amazing action features makes it the best in 2019. To get the ultimate prize you have to embark on the fierce battle with the warlords that is the Priestess and the Samurai who do prove a lot of their prowess in the battlefield. For the fantasy genre lovers then this is the video slot game that you to consider. For you to get the ultimate prize you have to choose wisely on which warlord to side with.

Play warlords slot for free

Video Slot Build.

This is a 5 reel video slot game that has 3 rows and provides 30 ways of winning through the 30 fixed bet lines that it has. It has a crystal power RTP of 96.89% which increases your chances of winning.

Features and Bonuses.

  • The Warlords Slot allows you to feel the power of the warlords by the free spins that it has. This includes the Barbarian free spins, the Samurai Free Spins, and Priestess free spin. The free re-spins and free spins features are triggered where two or more scatter symbols do appear on the reels.
  • The Barbarian free spin has blue graphics and provides a minimum of 9 free spins. The Priestess free spin has green graphics and provides 7 free spins. Lastly, the Samurai free spins provide you with 5 free spins and have red graphics.
  • A juicy re-spin will always show up once 2 scatter symbols do show up, this is what we call the final chance feature. The final chance feature provides either a coin on another scatter symbols in the reels.
  • The Battle feature occurs when the two warlords go head-to-head. It’s characterized by 2 different scatter symbols show up in the reels while the other scatter symbol transforms into another.

The warlord slots have a bet limit of € 0.50 to € 100 that allows you to win € 3000 on the betting line. The 3D animation coupled with these stunning colors makes this one of the amazing games that you can play to earn.

Software:  NetEnt
Slot Type:  Video slots
RTP:  96.89%
Special feature:  Free spins, Bonus game, Random wilds
Release Date:  2016-11-24