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Keno Game
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Keno Classic Lottery Game.

The Keno Classic Lottery Game is a common game on the online casinos and it’s known to be the untouchable lottery game by many gamblers. The lottery game has a very simple game plan that pays up to a jackpot of $ 5000000 after purchasing a $2 ticket. The Keno Classic Lottery Game can be played in two ways which include the live Keno and the video keno. The video keno resembles the slot games where the results are determined by the Random number generator. The common Keno video lottery game includes Cleopatra Keno that has free spins and the Caveman Keno which comes with extra multipliers. The live keno is played on the land-based casinos.

The types of bets available on the Keno Classic Lottery Game.

  • The straight Tickets.

The straight ticket for the Keno Classic Lottery Game comes with a specific number that you have chosen. For you to make a win then you have to hit all the numbers that you have selected.

  • The way ticket.

The way ticket allows you to select different groupings and different amounts of numbers, for instance, a group of 4 number and a different set of 4 numbers will make up to 8 numbers. This ticket creates 190 ways you can win.

  • The King Number Ticket

This ticket has one number, the king number added to all of your other grouping of numbers. This number creates two to three spot bets that allow you to win.

  • The split ticket.

The split ticket is made from a combination of more than one straight bet. For the split ticket, you can pick a number twice.

  • Combination tickets

As the name sounds, this ticket combines several grouping types that are different. For instance, you can opt for the straight bets, the way tickets, the split, etc, all combined on one ticket.

Having simple gameplay featuring no difficult rules and strategies that require to be memorized makes this game a darling to most of the gamblers. This is a game the solely depend on luck and nothing else and it has a great opportunity aiming for high payout with lower input.

Software Slot Maniak
Slot Type Lottery Game
Special feature N/A
Release Date 2019-05-17