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Blackjack Netent Game Review

Blackjack Netent is a customized slot game that exists in a different version. For the love of card games then this is the perfect product from NetEnt that you can’t miss out on. It has an incredible design that renders high-quality virtual table characterized by animations and a piece of a pleasant background music. To play the Blackjack Netent slot game you will use four decks cards excluding the joker card. Before every new gaming round the card will be shuffled by the dealer. The betting sizes ranges from 1 Euro to 40 Euros making it wide enough for the gamblers to win big.

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Rules of the game.

  • For the Blackjack Netent the first card only belonging to the dealer is played open.
  • For a hand closet, you need 21 points to win.
  • The card has values which include; numbered cards of up to 2-10 that are worth their face value, the aces are given the 1 value or the 11 value. The jack, king, and queen have a 10 value point.
  • When a draw occurs your bet will not be lost.
  • A third card has to be drawn when a dealer has a hand of fewer than 17 points.
  • The first two cards having 21 points gives you a blackjack. For this, you need to have both an Ace and a 10 point card.

The Blackjack Netent card game comes with a split feature. For you to split you need to have two cards of the same value. Every split gives you an additional card except for the Ace card. Blackjack Netent also features the insurance option. Insurance is viable when the dealer has an Ace card. Insurance costs 0.5 times the initial bet but when the dealer has a blackjack you will pay 2:1. The game also features important setting such as the setting the sound on or off, making sound effects, increasing the speed and also checking the game history.

Software:  NetEnt
Slot Type:  Blackjack Classic
RTP:  99.59%
Special feature:  N/A
Release Date:  2015-03-05